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* Note: The Lewiston / Auburn Community Coversation was originally scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 10 but due to the massive snowstorm it has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 15. 

**Note: The Portland Community Conversation was previously scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 15 but is being rescheduled to accommodate for the Downeast Pride Alliance event the same night.  

Executive Director Betsy Smith on joint adoption

This evening wouldn’t be complete if we did not recognize and celebrate Maine’s greatest LGBT victory of 2007. It was one those historic moments, as in, “Do you remember where you were when….”

I remember it well. I was on a mountaintop in Vermont, with spotty internet connection at best, but was connected just long enough to get onto GLAD’s website to see that Maine’s Law Court had that morning just ruled that same-sex couples may jointly adopt children.

On August 30, 2007, Maine’s Law Court issued a unanimous ruling that Ann Courtney and Marilyn Kirby could jointly establish a legal parental relationship with their foster children, 10-year-old Michelle and her brother, six-year-old Ryan. In the 20-page decision, one of the justices wrote, “A joint adoption assures that in the event of either adoptive parent’s death, the children’s continued relationship with the surviving parent is fixed and certain. Most importantly, a joint adoption affords the adopted children the love, nurturing and support of not one, but two parents.”

There are a lot of congratulations in order for this historic victory.

Congratulations GLAD, congratulations Mary Bonauto, congratulations Pat Peard, congratulations Judy Berry and Brenda Buchanan and Ann and Marilyn and all the couples who have and will access this new law to strengthen their families and to provide more legal stability to their children. I’m sure you’ll join me in asking Ann and Marilyn to stand up and receive our warm round of applause.

This ruling was historic and GLAD was well prepared in getting their message out to the media.

EqualityMaine at 25

This year, EqualityMaine celebrated 25 years of progress for Maine's LGBT community. Check out our 25th anniversary celebration video.

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