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* Note: The Lewiston / Auburn Community Coversation was originally scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 10 but due to the massive snowstorm it has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 15. 

**Note: The Portland Community Conversation was previously scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 15 but is being rescheduled to accommodate for the Downeast Pride Alliance event the same night.  


For Immediate Release:

Historic California Ruling Provides Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples

Today in an historic decision, California’s Supreme Court ruled that the state can no longer bar gay and lesbian couples from marrying. California, which has comprehensive domestic partnerships, becomes the second state, after Massachusetts, in which same-sex couples can now marry. “Two people in a committed and loving relationship deserve the legal protections, dignity, and respect that only marriage brings,” said Betsy Smith, Executive Director of EqualityMaine. “We are thrilled to learn that same-sex couples in California will no longer be barred from seeking these protections for their families.”

“Today’s decision is a victory for all Americans who cherish fairness and opportunity. While same-sex couples in Maine are unaffected legally by this ruling, we are hopeful that here in Maine, we will someday have the same opportunity to solidify our families,” said Smith.

Unlike Massachusetts and California, where marriage is legal, and Vermont, New Jersey, Connecticut and New Hampshire, where civil unions are legal, Mainers may be faced with a referendum in 2009 to not only declare marriage and civil unions unlawful, but to repeal non-discrimination protections, prohibit adoption by unmarried couples and eliminate funding for the civil rights teams in Maine schools.

“Same-sex couples in Maine want and deserve the protections, dignity, and respect that come with marriage. As in California, this is a conversation going on everywhere in this country, and Maine is no different,” said Matt Dubois, President of EqualityMaine. “But that’s not what the proposed referendum is about. It’s about stripping basic legal protections, such as protection from discrimination in jobs and housing, from gay and lesbian people and their families.”

Since 1984, EqualityMaine has worked to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Maine.

EqualityMaine at 25

This year, EqualityMaine celebrated 25 years of progress for Maine's LGBT community. Check out our 25th anniversary celebration video.

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