Community Conversations

Please click on one of the dates to join us for a series of Community Conversations: 

Sunday, Dec 6 - Augusta
Monday, Dec 7 - Ogunquit 
Tuesday, Dec 8 - Ellsworth
Thursday, Dec 10 - Bangor
Tuesday, Dec 15 - Lewiston*
Wed, Dec 16 - Portland**

* Note: The Lewiston / Auburn Community Coversation was originally scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 10 but due to the massive snowstorm it has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 15. 

**Note: The Portland Community Conversation was previously scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 15 but is being rescheduled to accommodate for the Downeast Pride Alliance event the same night.  

LGBT-friendly notaries in Maine

This list is by no means complete. If you are a Maine notary who is willing to notarize same-sex domestic partnership forms, and would like to be added to this list, please email us.

We've made every effort to make sure this list is up to date, but please remember that notaries' availability and contact information may have changed. You may also ask an attorney to notarize your domestic partnership registration form.

Enter your town or city in the form below to filter the list. To clear the filter, empty the field and click Submit again.

Jean Stickney

Julia Miller

Christopher Warner

Arthur R. Hayward, Jr

Josh Parkin

Heather Bradstreet

Holly Mitchell

LK Gagnon

Lynne Williams, Esq.

Lorraine Martin

Ellis McKeen

Darren L. Morgan

Sharon L. Rukin

Andre R. Grimard, M.Ed.

Linda S. Falk

Bo Yerxa

Rep. John Eder

Heidi Powell

Joseph Stackpole

Bjorn Swenson

Derek Mitchell

Jennifer Cragen

Brian Dustin

Sara Jane Elliot

Tammy Dignan

John Green

Desiree Gonzalez

Martha Phillips

Justin Gifford

Shlomit Auciello

Ellis McKeen

Eric C. Smith

Michele Parry

EqualityMaine at 25

This year, EqualityMaine celebrated 25 years of progress for Maine's LGBT community. Check out our 25th anniversary celebration video.

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